Empowering producers to offer, and consumers to eat, clean food

What We Believe

We believe everyone has the right to clean food – the right to know and trust what is in the food they are buying and consuming – for their health, the health of the ecosystem, and the health of the planet.

What We Do

We partner with producers to improve the food supply chain by validating and authenticating label claims through scientific testing and data collection. In addition, we provide powerful market intelligence and an authentic, unbiased view into how Clean Food is and should be defined.

Testing & Data Analytics

  • Continuous monitoring through real-time rigorous testing platform
  • Root cause analysis and remediation when issues are found
  • Supplier risk analysis
  • Strategic sourcing decisions


  • Bringing greater accountability and transparency to the food system.
  • Transforming the way information about our food and what is in it is gathered and shared.
  • Driving higher standards among food producers and greater confidence in our supply chain for consumers.


Kevin Lo


Dan Denney

Chief Scientist | Co-Founder

Bill Niman


Joel Martin


Jim Adams

Marketing Communications


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